Tuulliq Map Project

I’ve been very remiss in posting, but then, I haven’t had much interesting to add to the blogging world. Today, though, I just stumbled across an Iñupiaq resource I haven’t seen before (although it’s been around since 2002, apparently): the Tuulliq Map Project.

Tuulliq (Toolik or Toolik Lake on English-language maps) lies just slightly above the Brooks Range in northern Alaska, right above the little gap between Gates of the Arctic National Park and ANWR (which, by the way, Alaskans pronounce [ænwɑɹ] – none of this “Arctic Refuge” stuff that I hear on the national news). The map site includes a multimedia map of the Tuulliq area with places names in Iñupiaq, plus a small dictionary.

Meanwhile, now that it’s half-way through March already – when did that happen? – I’m continuing to refine dissertation ideas. Probably Iñupiaq morphosyntax, despite my tendency to think of myself as anything but a syntactician. This semester’s morphology course, though, is opening my eyes to theories of analysis appropriate for the famously complicated Eskimo-Aleut polysynthetic verbs. My list of topics to investigate on my next field trip expands daily!


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